Test # *** 1 *** 1 *** Code 10


Quiz 1, Set 1

Question 1
Bones, cartilage, ligaments, and joints which functions in
protection and support of human body, is part of _________ system.

A. skeletal
B. muscular
C. nervous
D. respiratory



Question 2
A chicken needs food and water and protection
from predators in order to become food for you.

The whole habitat becomes ..........

A. a forest
B. an ocean
C. a resource
D. a stage



Question 3
A cat is a(n) ..........

A. mammal
B. reptile
C. insect
D. fungi



Question 4
Most life on Earth depends on energy from the X.
Green plants use energy from the X to make food.

What is X?

A. Oxygen
B. Sun
C. Moon
D. Water



Question 5
Weathering is the destructive process that breaks down
and changes rocks that are exposed at Earth’s surface.

A. True
B. False



Question 6
You get ........ colour by mixing red and yellow dyes.

A. orange
B. purple
C. black
D. white



Question 7
Photosynthesis supplies Earth’s atmosphere with ........

A. oxygen
B. carbon dioxide
C. gas
D. water



Question 8
Pluto is a ..........

A. planet
B. satelite
C. moon
D. comet



Question 9
Donald is pulling his hands away from a hot pot.

What is shown by the activity?

A. Excretion
B. Reproduction
C. Response to stimuli
D. Immunity



Question 10
A compound microscope is used to study
very small objects that cannot be observed
with the naked eye.

Which of the following is a part of the microscope?

A. Arm
B. Eyepiece
C. Stage
D. All of above