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Sedia 2010 - Part 3

Sedia 2010 - Part 3
Quiz 2010, Set 3

Question 1
A _______ is a place where animals live.

A. cage
B. environment
C. habitat
D. river



Question 2
Where can we find most panda in the world?
A. Malaysia
B. China
C. United States
D. Pacific Ocean



Question 3

What is colour P?






Question 4
The main composition of air : ___________
A. Hydrogen; Oxygen
B. Nitrogen; Oxygen
C. Hydrogen; Carbon dioxide
D. Oxygen; Carbon dioxide



Question 5

What is the name of the natural disaster shown in the photo?

A. tsunami
B. volcano eruption
C. flood
D. landslide
E. earthquake



Question 6

A cat is a mammal. What is the colour of the cat shown?
A. green
B. pale
C. brown
D. black
E. white



Question 7
Table salt has a scientific symbol of _________.

A. NaCl
B. Hydrogen
C. H2O
D. E=mc²



Question 8

Time (min)Temperature

Joyce is conducting an experiment to measure the

temperature of a glass of water put in the room.

What is a possible value of X?
A. 30°C
B. 32°C
C. 35°C
D. 36°C



Question 9

Infrared ray is not visible to human.

The image is taken using an infra re camera.

The sky appears _________ in infrared light.
A. white
B. pale
C. dark
D. disappeared



Question 10
Bintangor is located in __________. We can many trees in the forest there.
A. Sarawak
B. Sabah
C. Brunei
D. Indonesia