Test # *** 1 *** 1 *** Code 10

Sedia 2010 - 2

Sedia 2010 - 2
Quiz 2010, Set 2

Question 1
Where ____ Sibu ?
A. is
B. go
C. to
D. -



Question 2
Joyce spoke _______ to the child.
A. gently
B. gentleman
C. gentlewoman
D. loudly



Question 3
Afiq is busy now. He ________ cookies for us.
A. bakes
B. is baking
C. is
D. cook



Question 4
Dear Joyce,

Thank you for your interesting letter. I enjoyed

reading _____. The pictures attached are truly

beautiful. ______ are a really good photographer.

A. you; They
B. it; You
C. you; You
D. them; They



Question 5
I am looking for a suitable _________ for a ___________ friend.
A. circle; old
B. gifts; young
C. present; good
D. breakfast; girl



Question 6
Siti is ____ honest student.
A. a
B. an
C. not
D. very



Question 7
The _____________ cat hid under the bed.
A. fight
B. fighting
C. fought
D. frightened



Question 8
Janet _____ the keys to the showroom.
A. eats
B. haves
C. has
D. lost



Question 9
Joyce is ____ obedient girl.

A. a
B. an
C. not
D. good



Question 10
We use ________ to make pancakes.

A. a flour
B. flour
C. flower
D. flowers
E. floweres