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English (G-02) Past Time

English (G-02) Past Time
Quiz 501, Set 2

Question 1
I wish I _____ studied hard.
A. have
B. had
C. has
D. having



Question 2
While we were watching the film, my uncle _____ to my house.
A. came
B. come
C. comes



Question 3
It ____ raining heavily in the morning.
A. -
B. was
C. were



Question 4
Julie ____ my classmate.
A. are
B. were
C. was



Question 5
Every holiday we _____________ in my uncle’s house in Sibu.
A. would stay
B. stays
C. go stay



Question 6
Terjemahkan ayat berikut dalam Bahasa Inggeris.
Saya menyanyi bersama Joyce semalam.

A. I sang with Joyce yesterday.
B. I sing with Joyce yesterday.
C. I like to sing with Joyce everyday.
D. I have a friend called Joyce.



Question 7
Choose the correct sentence(s).
I. I went to school everyday.
II. Joyce went to the village yesterday.
III. I used to play badminton, but I don’t play much now.

A. I only
B. I & III
D. I, II & III



Question 8
When I got on the bus, I ______ I had left my bag at home.
A. realize
B. realized
C. have realize



Question 9
Did you ______ for UPSR?
A. study
B. studied
C. studies



Question 10
Cikgu Ong Ong started teaching at 7.00 a.m.
and _________ two hours later.
A. teach
B. still teach
C. were still teaching