Test # *** 1 *** 1 *** Code 10

Present simple, Present continuous

Present simple, Present continuous
Quiz 501, Set 1

Question 1
Cikgu Ong Ong: ‘What’s the answer?’
Murid: ‘Wait a moment, ___________.’

A. I am thinking.
B. I think.
C. both A & B are correct.



Question 2

This cat ________ more than 5 kilos.
A. weighs
B. weight
C. weights



Question 3
Choose the correct sentences.

Pilih ayat yang betul.

I. I am sleeping.

II. This cat weighs more than 5 kilos.

III. Some kinds of fish contain high levels of dangerous metals.

A. I & II
B. I & III
C. II only
D. I, II & III



Question 4
___ you understand this lesson?
A. Do
B. Does
C. Is
D. Are



Question 5
I am _________ a story book about Harry Potter.
A. read
B. reads
C. reading



Question 6
Water _______ at 0 degrees Celcius.
A. frozen
B. freeze
C. freezes



Question 7
_____ this doll belong to you, Gloria?
A. Do
B. Does
C. Are
D. Is



Question 8
Amelia is continually _______________.
A. cries
B. crying
C. smile



Question 9
I __________ this is Joyce.
A. suppose
B. supposes
C. am suppose



Question 10
In this country, thousands of people _________ in poverty.
A. are living
B. live
C. both A & B are correct.