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ViviaChemistry - SPM 2009

ViviaChemistry - SPM 2009
Quiz 81, Set 1

Question 1
The ______ will convert the glucose to ethanol.

A. yeast
B. facebook
C. friendster
D. all of above



Question 2
Alkane is written as ___________ in Chinese

A. 烷
B. 烯
C. 乙烯
D. I don’t know



Question 3
The Periodic Table of Elements has the V symbol. What does it stand for?

A. Vivianna
B. Vitamin
C. Vanadium
D. all of above.



Question 4
In Bahasa, Alkene is written as ________________

A. Alkana
B. Alkena
C. Alkane
D. Alkene (same)



Question 5
Vivianna becomes excited. She announces to her friends,

‘I am very happy! Very Happy!!! I found an alkane molecule

having molecular formula C6H12

Is this possible?

A. Yes, it is possible.
B. No, it should be an alkene molecule instead.



Question 6
All elements below are magic elements except
A. Helium
B. Oxygen
C. Calcium
D. Argon



Question 7
In Chinese, Chemistry is called ................

A. 物理
B. 化学
C. 生物
D. 有机



Question 8
Which element is having proton number of 8?
A. Oxygen
B. Vanadium
C. Carbon
D. Neon



Question 9
A(n) ___________________ is a chemical process that

absorbs heat from the surroundings.
A. exothermic reaction
B. endothermic reaction
C. over reaction
D. reaction



Question 10
In Chinese, Hydrogen is written as
A. 青
B. 氢
C. 氰
D. 氧