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Euro Renaissance

Euro Renaissance
Quiz 17, Set 2

Question 1
Businesses use the names of well-known individuals and images

from the Renaissance to sell their products and services because

Americans see the Renaissance as a period of ................

A. great accomplishment
B. beauty
C. creativity
D. all of above
E. none of above



Question 2
Who is the composer of Fur Elise?
A. Beethoven
B. Chopin
C. Mozart
D. unknown



Question 3
Note: You will get the download link if you get at least 5 questions answered correctly!

Every year, nearly ......... Americans, many of them dressed in

Renaissance costumes, pretend to live in English villages in 1584.

A. 6 million
B. 600 thousand
C. 60 thousand
D. 6 thousand



Question 4
After World War II, ................... became the

Renaissance of American cities.

A. globalization
B. urban renewal
C. presidential election
D. cold war



Question 5
What is the age of our universe?
A. 13 billion years
B. 13 million years
C. 13 thousand years
D. 13 light years



Question 6
.............. painted the scene in which Jesus met with
all his apostles for the last time.

A. Beethoven van Ludwig
B. Michael Langero
C. Leonardo da Vinci
D. (painter unknown)



Question 7
Renaissance produced a new kind of man,
know as ...................

A. Superman
B. Ultraman
C. Batman
D. Universal man
E. none of above



Question 8
Malaysia is formed in year .............
A. 1957
B. 1963
C. 2000
D. 2020



Question 9
The Renaissance was two-sided. It was a period of history lasting

a certain number of years, and it was a cultural era in which Europeans

developed new views about themselves and the world.

Where did it begin?

A. England
B. Italy
C. French
D. Greek



Question 10
Middle Age came after Renaissance.
A. True
B. False